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     Qigong Practice Certificate


Gao Lao Shi (Ken Cohen) offers beautiful, personally signed certificates documenting hours of training in individual styles of qigong. He teaches you and supervises your progress. Although the basics can be learned in online and during in-person group classes or workshops, private classes are required (by zoom, or if necessary, in-person) to polish your skills and receive the certificate. There are no added tuition or fees beyond the usual cost of classes and workshops. Certification is offered to document achievement and is not related to licensed career training.

Certificates are offered in each or any of the following styles:

  • Eight Brocades

  • Bone Marrow Cleansing

  • Taoist Healing Sounds

  • Taiji Ruler

  • Shaolin Qigong: Yi Jin Jing (Muscle Tendon Transformation), 18 Luohan, & Pai Da Conditioning

  • Primordial (Hunyuan) Qigong

  • Five Animal Frolics

  • Snake and Hawk Qigong

  • Orca Whale Qigong

  • Coiling Silk Qigong

  • Ten Heavenly Stems Qigong

  • Qigong Meditation

  • External Qi Healing

After learning a method, there is a generally at least a month-long practice period before Gao Lao Shi re-checks your skill level and grants the certificate. Further information or questions: contact

Tai Chi (Taiji Quan) and Chinese Martial Arts
with an emphasis on health and energy cultivation

Teacher Certificates are offered in the styles listed below, which can be learned through a combination of in-person and online private classes taught by Gao Lao Shi (Ken Cohen) near Boulder, Colorado or San Diego, California. Although there are occasional group classes (in-person or online), these are not sufficient to be certified as a teacher. Individual one-to-one training is required to supplement what is learned in groups. Out of area and international students are welcome schedule intensives of two-hour private in-person classes on consecutive days. There are convenient hotels near the teaching locations. 


Teachers of these arts, as well as students who have extensive previous experience may be able to complete requirements in a shorter period of time. Certification is offered to document achievement and is not related licensed career training as offered by professional organizations or state and federal licensing agencies.

The certificates are given at the discretion of Gao Lao Shi (Ken Cohen) and require demonstration of skill, knowledge, and ethical character. There are no added tuition or fees beyond the usual cost of classes and workshops.

After each method is the approximate length of time you may expect before receiving the certificate. This may vary according to your previous experience and frequency of classes and practice.

  • Yang Style Tai Chi (Taiji Quan): 4 years

  • Chen Style Tai Chi (Taiji Quan): 4 years

  • Bagua Zhang: 2-3 year

  • Xingyi Quan: 2-3 years

  • Yi Quan: 2-3 years

Cultivate a Tai Chi Mind & Life. Get started or deepen your practice by learning all of the core movements --the entire first section of Yang Style Tai Chi-- in seven 90 minute pre-recorded classes, a complete course originally hosted by the Shift Network, viewable and downloadable. Includes lifetime access to written, audio, and video materials. In addition to detailed instruction and review of techniques, Ken Cohen explains how to improve posture and breathing, basic martial arts applications, and keys to relaxation and mental tranquility.
Further information or questions: contact
Qigong Teacher Certificate

Comprehensive training in how to practice and understand the major classical qigong styles. This is the oldest program of its kind in the world, ongoing since 1981. Gao Lao Shi (Ken Cohen) serves as mentor/coach and personally teaches the courses and supervises students’ progress. We welcome students who are self-mo­tivated and interested in achieving a high degree of mastery through per­sonal practice. The program is intended for education and personal growth only, not as therapy. Certification is offered to document achievement and is not related to licensed career training.


The program takes a minimum of 4 - 5 years to complete through a combination of workshops, online classes, and private in-person training. Curriculum includes learning classical methods of healing, spiritual (Taoist and Buddhist), and sports (especially martial arts) qigong. There are also required readings and written reports to improve your understanding of the history, cultural context, and science of qigong. Graduates agree to abide by the Qigong Practitioners’ Code of Ethics

We do not have a residential facility; for private in-person training, students are responsible for their own lodging. Please write to for a pdf flyer that includes further program and tuition information.

This program is currently full; please see the other certification options listed above.

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