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Kenneth S. Cohen offers lectures, workshops, and classes as well as healing and consultations from his office/studio in Colorado (90 minutes from Denver Airport) as well as nationally and internationally.

All events are open to beginners. The schedule is regularly updated. For individual sessions or to host an event in your area, contact or call (720) 985-6445. To subscribe to the free e-newsletter & to receive notice of events, please join our mailing list by filling out the "Contact" section on this website. 

Primordial Qigong: Healthy Body, Awakened Mind
June 2-7, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

PLEASE REGISTER RIGHT AWAY, AS ON-SITE LODGING IS GOING FAST!  In this 5-day retreat, you learn all 12 meditative movements of Hunyuan (Primordial) Qigong, a comprehensive system of health and longevity exercises that dissolves impure and stagnant qi (life energy), moves pure qi through the major acupuncture meridians, and recharges the body with fresh vitality. By harmonizing with the qi of nature and the universe, you reset and tune the body's original healing system and deepen your well of tranquility. Throughout this workshop, you enjoy intensive, detailed practice with plenty of time for review, as well as qigong meditations for relaxation, clarity, and inner peace. Enjoy the beauty of nature at one of America’s original healing retreat centers, with easy access from New York City or Albany, New York. The all-inclusive price includes five days of instruction, lodging, and delicious buffet style meals. Extend your stay to enjoy the inspiring Super Qi Weekend that will follow.

Super Qi Weekend
Energy Flow for Healing, Happiness, & Creative Resilie
with Ken Cohen, Michael Gelb, and Robert Peng

June 7-9, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

This unique workshop is a living demonstration of the creative flow of qi as Michael, Robert, and Ken inspire and energize you, and one another, through their collaborative, joyful, and spontaneous approach to teaching. You experience simple elegant movements, guided visualizations, breathing exercises, and powerful group healing sessions complemented with informal dialogue and question-and-answer sessions. Whether you are just starting to explore qigong or tai chi, or have been practicing for years, this weekend will supercharge your sense of buoyancy, aliveness, and enthusiasm as you align the energy of mind, body, heart, and spirit. All inclusive price includes instruction, lodging and delicious buffet style meals. On site lodging is going quickly, so please register soon.

Complete Bone Marrow Qigong for Vibrant Health
September 20-22, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Lenox, MA

Discover how the regular practice of qigong calms the mind, reduces stress, deepens your connection with nature, and improves posture and breathing. Through gentle and enjoyable exercises, you will:

  • Learn a complete qigong workout while discovering how and why qigong works.

  • Send healing qi (life force) through your bones and release stagnant and unneeded qi.

  • Learn the 12 meditative movements of the Bone Marrow Cleansing practice.

All inclusive price includes lodging, gourmet buffet style meals, optional daily yoga and other activities, and the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.


Coiling Silk Qigong: Dissolve Tension, Renew Vitality
September 22-27, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Lenox, MA

Coiling Silk, Chan Si, is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable styles of qigong. Lovely circular movements, like the turning of a silk cocoon on a spindle, unwind energetic knots and dissolve areas of tension. They also gently open and close the joints, improve posture and breathing, and stimulate the life force, qi, to flow without obstruction.

In this week-long program you will:

  • Learn all 20 coiling silk techniques—the legacy of Ken’s teacher Madame Gao Fu.

  • Practice “walking the circle,” an incredibly grounding and energizing exercise modeled on the dynamic spiraling power of the mythic dragon.

  • Explore qigong seated meditations and Taoist healing imagery.

  • Return to stillness and realize unity with nature.

Return home feeling renewed from qigong’s healing benefits.

All inclusive price includes lodging, gourmet buffet style meals, optional daily yoga and other activities, and the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.


Animal Frolics Qigong
Strength of the Bear, Balance of the Crane

October 31-November 3, Nevada City, California

Created by the second century doctor of Chinese medicine, Hua Tuo, the Animal Frolics are the most ancient qigong still practiced today. Consisting of gentle flowing movements, the Animal Frolics are connected to the Taoist quest for health, longevity, and inner peace. Learn the complete Bear and Crane techniques for rooted strength, balance, and relaxation as well as core methods of the Monkey, Deer, and Tiger. By practicing the Five Animals, we awaken an ancient part of ourselves and the Paleolithic wisdom of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. We find the spirit of the animals within and learn how to connect to the healing power of nature. Although practice oriented, there will also be time for discussion of qigong philosophy and an introduction to the science of how and why qigong improves health and well-being. The course requires no previous experience. Beginners and all levels are welcome.

All inclusive price includes lodging and meals at the beautiful Harmony Ridge Lodge, at the gateway to Tahoe National Forest and the Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains, only an hour from Sacramento airport .


Individual Classes, Training & Consultation

Private online and in-person sessions in Qigong, Tai Chi, Mediation and related, healing, contemplative, and martial arts. For information and scheduling, please email or call 720-985-6445.

Plan Ahead, Registration Now Open!
Yi Quan Qigong: Dynamic Energy, Inner Strength & Awakened Mind
March 12-15, 2025 at the Sivananda Yoga Retreat, Bahamas

Connect with your untapped well of resilient healing qi (life energy) and with the
natural energies of earth, sky, and sea. Yi Quan, the Mind Body Healing and Martial art, explores the core skills at the root of all Qigong and Tai Chi styles: posture, relaxation, breathing, and flowing movement. Lodging, Meals, and optional daily Yoga Practice included. Information & Registration:

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