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Calendar of Events


Kenneth S. Cohen offers lectures, workshops, and classes as well as healing and consultations from his office/studio in Colorado (90 minutes from Denver Airport) as well as nationally and internationally.

All events are open to beginners. The schedule is regularly updated. For individual sessions or to host an event in your area, contact or call (720) 985-6445. To subscribe to the free e-newsletter & to receive notice of events, please join our mailing list by filling out the "Contact" section on this website. 

Free Lunar New Year Events
at the Far East Center, Denver, Colorado


Sunday, January 14, 10:30 am- Noon. THE WAY OF QIGONG: An Evidence-based Approach to Chinese Energy Medicine

Saturday, January 20, 6-7:30 pm. THE WAY OF TEA: Health, Peace, and Culture

Healing Sounds Qigong:
Cleanse, Renew, and
Balance Your Life Energy

April 9-14, Gray Bear Lodge, Hohenwald, TN

Learn the complete and rarely taught Taoist Healing Sounds. Originating in Mount Hua, the sacred mountain of western China, these 19 techniques coordinate breath, sound, and movement to purge the internal organs of stagnant qi (energy) and fill them with fresh energy, like recharging your body’s batteries. You will learn healing exercises and meditations for the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, intestines, and the major energy channels and acupuncture points. We will also explore ancient Chinese tonal therapy, how specific notes promote harmony and balance. Dynamic exercises will be complemented by tranquil meditations that induce a state of Ru Jing: deep relaxation and tranquility. Comfortable rustic lodging, great food and community, among beautiful rolling hills and old growth forests of Tennessee.

Primordial Qigong: Healthy Body, Awakened Mind
June 2-7, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

PLEASE REGISTER RIGHT AWAY, AS ON-SITE LODGING IS GOING FAST!  In this 5-day retreat, you learn all 12 meditative movements of Hunyuan (Primordial) Qigong, a comprehensive system of health and longevity exercises that dissolves impure and stagnant qi (life energy), moves pure qi through the major acupuncture meridians, and recharges the body with fresh vitality. By harmonizing with the qi of nature and the universe, you reset and tune the body's original healing system and deepen your well of tranquility. Throughout this workshop, you enjoy intensive, detailed practice with plenty of time for review, as well as qigong meditations for relaxation, clarity, and inner peace. Enjoy the beauty of nature at one of America’s original healing retreat centers, with easy access from New York City or Albany, New York. The all-inclusive price includes five days of instruction, lodging, and delicious buffet style meals. Extend your stay to enjoy the inspiring Super Qi Weekend that will follow.

Super Qi Weekend
Energy Flow for Healing, Happiness, & Creative Resilie
with Ken Cohen, Michael Gelb, and Robert Peng

June 7-9, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

This unique workshop is a living demonstration of the creative flow of qi as Michael, Robert, and Ken inspire and energize you, and one another, through their collaborative, joyful, and spontaneous approach to teaching. You experience simple elegant movements, guided visualizations, breathing exercises, and powerful group healing sessions complemented with informal dialogue and question-and-answer sessions. Whether you are just starting to explore qigong or tai chi, or have been practicing for years, this weekend will supercharge your sense of buoyancy, aliveness, and enthusiasm as you align the energy of mind, body, heart, and spirit. All inclusive price includes instruction, lodging and delicious buffet style meals. On site lodging is going quickly, so please register soon.

Individual Classes, Training & Consultation

Private online and in-person sessions in Qigong, Tai Chi, Mediation and related, healing, contemplative, and martial arts. For information and scheduling, please email or call 720-985-6445.

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