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Qigong Research and Practice Center


The Qigong Research & Practice Center was founded by renowned Qigong Grand Master Ken Cohen (Gao Han 高漢) in 1981 in the Indian Peaks Wilderness region of the Colorado Rockies. Ken Cohen offers lectures, consultations, workshops, and classes in Colorado and throughout the world.

Mission Statement

  1. Educate the public about the health and life-enhancing benefits of qigong practice.

  2. Teach qigong for personal well-being, athletic performance, and to health-care professionals for patient education.

  3. Teach  External Qi Healing (EQH), a method of qi assessment and  treatment.

  4. Offer client-centered qigong energy healing consultations and sessions.

  5. Establish ethical and professional standards for qigong practice and training.

  6. Offer comprehensive Qigong and Chinese Inner Martial Arts (Tai Chi, Bagua Zhang, Xingyi Quan) Training.

  7. Promote qigong as Complementary and Alternative Medicine through research, writing, serving on peer-review committees, and  introducing it in medical and health education.

  8. Encourage dialogue, respect, and cooperation among various healing paradigms and modalities.

  9. Explore and teach varied applications of qigong, including applications to athletics, fine and performing arts, and spiritual development.

  10. Advise academics and scientists who conduct research related to qigong.

  11. Provide assistance through consultation, networking, and referrals.

  12. Conduct business in an ethical and ecologically responsible manner.

An Earth-Friendly Business

 Did you know with only 5% of the world’s population, the United States has the highest per capita consumption of energy in the world? The U.S. uses 30% of the planet’s total natural resources including 25% of the world’s fossil fuels and 20% of the world’s metals!


The Qigong Research & Practice Center believes that personal health cannot be separated from planetary health. We maintain the following earth-friendly practices:

  • We use recycled paper, packaging material, and other recycled products

  • We recycle and reuse our own materials whenever possible

  • We use only biodegradable cleansers

  • We support local businesses that support the environment

  • We recycle electronic hardware and batteries in a safe, eco-friendly manner, contributing neither to landfills nor the shipment of toxic substances to other countries

  • We are actively involved in local political and environmental decision making and have, through personal testimony, stopped polluters in their tracks

  • We donate money regularly to environmental and social justice groups

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