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Tea Talks and Tastings

Ken Cohen offers “tea talks” including lectures and tastings for private groups, tea-houses, and conferences. Ken has offered tea seminars at the Rocky Mountain Tea Festival held at the Dushanbe Teahouse (Boulder, CO), the World Tea Expo (Las Vegas, NV), the San Diego Chinese History Museum, and in academic institutions throughout the world, such as the University of Iceland, Reykjavik and various medical schools.  If you would like to arrange a presentation, please contact by email: or call 720-985-6445.

Ken offers economical tea tastings for individuals and small groups. It is a beautiful way to celebrate a holiday or special occasion. Cost for tea tastings? 1 hour tea tasting of 3 fine teas, including demo of Chinese tea ceremony and discussion of tea’s healing benefits: $90 (up to 3 people— which would be $30 each).

Tea talks and tastings are offered in the beautiful Rocky Mountains near Denver, Colorado, and may be available at other locations upon request. Ken also has artisan and private reserve teas available for purchase. For more information visit the Cloud Forest Tea page.

Tea Instruction Online: Tea appreciation and instruction classes are also offered by zoom. These include proper brewing techniques, how to fully bring out the flavor and aroma of the tea, close up views of utensils and tea leaves, demonstration and instruction in Chinese Tea Ceremony 茶藝 and time to answer your questions. Share with a distant friend, and have a virtual visit over tea! For information and scheduling, please contact or call 720-985-6445

Tea Bio Sketch: Ken Cohen, former student of Alan Watts and Joseph Campbell, has followed the Way of Tea for more than 40 years, including many years teaching the Japanese Tea Ceremony. A China scholar and health educator, he has written about Tea for Chanoyu Magazine, Yoga Journal, Alternative Medicine, and many other journals. Ken lived for more than 30 years in a log cabin at 9,000 ft. elevation in the Colorado Rockies, and now spends much of the year near the Pacific Ocean. Whether listening to the music of wind in the pines or ocean waves, or just seeking peace in the midst of the world's chaos, tea enhances beauty and quality of life.

A sample tea talks offered by Ken Cohen:

The Way of Tea:

Health, Peace and Culture

Join author Ken Cohen for an exciting and entertaining introduction to the art of Chinese Tea. He will discuss the early legends and history of Tea, including the relationship of tea to meditation. Ken will cover the basics: what are the differences between the five kinds of tea: white, green, oolong, black, and pu erh? How do you prepare a delicious cup of tea? Learn about the effects of water quality, teaware, and even the method of pouring hot water. We will discover how drinking tea can lead to a life of taste in widest sense– a life of leisure, grace, and refinement. Ken will also share cutting edge research that demonstrates the effect of tea on heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Why Taoist Immortals Drink Tea:

A Journey to Ancient China

After introducing the basics of Chinese tea tea appreciation, Ken will discuss how to create a beautiful, harmonious tea gathering, including the traditional role of poetry in setting the mood. Close your eyes and be transported to ancient China as Ken recites thousand year old poems that celebrate the beauty of nature in the original Chinese and in translation. Then learn a tranquil meditation to relax, quiet the mind, and open the senses. As you enjoy a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, you will feel the qi (energy) of tea spread through the palate and the body, awakening every cell. Ken will also discuss the healing benefits of tea, including exciting new research that demonstrates how tea enhances well-being and joy of life.

The beautiful leaves of Camellia sinensis (tea) Photo by Kenneth S. Cohen

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