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Kenneth S. Cohen offers lectures, workshops, classes, and teacher training as well as healing and consultations  in Colorado, California, and throughout the world. Ken is also in high demand as a keynote conference presenter and for pre- or post-conference workshops, lectures, and other events.

All events are open to beginners. The schedule is regularly updated. For workshop tuition information or other details: please contact the sponsor. For individual sessions or to host an event in your area, contact or call (720) 985-6445. For a free e-newsletter & to receive notice of events, please join our mailing list. 

Personal Note: In addition to Qigong, Ken has lifelong training in indigenous (Native American/ First Nations) healing and cultural ways and both teaches and practices these traditions. As an educator and in order to do justice to the diversity, uniqueness and depth of these paths, he maintains a separate website at


Open Sessions

December 2019 - March 2020 -  San Diego, California, USA

Private classes, healing consultations and tea tastings available in the San Diego, California area. For more information, please call 720-985-6445 or email

FEATURED WINTER GETAWAY- The Five Elements of Xingyi Quan:

Dynamic Qigong for Body Mind Health

February 7-9, 2020- San Diego, California- Marina Village Conference Center

You will learn a Complete Energy Health Workout, based on the Five Elements:. Like the related art of Tai Chi, Xingyi Quan may be practiced for health and vitality or as a vocabulary of self-defense techniques. Become metal and balance Lung Qi, with downward splitting movements like an axe chopping wood. Become Water and balance Kidney Qi as you curve and spiral like a river in springtime. Become Wood and balance Liver Qi as you spring forward like a wooden arrow shot from a bow. Become Fire and balance Heart Qi as you release power like kindling that suddenly bursts into brilliance. Become Earth and balance Spleen Qi as you glide close to the ground with supple energy. You will also enjoy tranquil meditations and a discussion of the philosophy and benefits of practice. The venue is spectacular, ocean side with discounted hotel rooms and restaurants ten minutes walk. No need for a rental car. Register early, as this program will fill months in advance.

Workshop - Taoist Longevity Qigong: Tai Chi Ruler

April 4-5, 2020 -  Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Learn the complete Tai Chi Ruler (Tai Chi Chih) exercises for longevity transmitted by qigong master Zhao Zhongdao (who died at age 118). In Tai Chi Ruler Qigong, the palms are held about a foot apart, as though holding a foot-long ruler, while turning the hands in specific patterns and making slow rocking movements that increase the body’s supply of life energy. These easy-to-learn, gentle exercises ground us, encourage deep breathing, and generate a strong flow of qi through the torso and hands. Deepen your understanding of healing energy while learning practical tools for well-being.

Workshop - Complete Taoist Healing Sounds Qigong: Springtime Renewal

April 21-26, 2020 -  Gray Bear Lodge, Hohenwald, Tennessee

Learn the complete and rarely taught Taoist Healing Sounds. Originating in Mount Hua, the sacred mountain of western China, these 19 techniques coordinate breath, sound, and movement to purge the internal organs of stagnant qi (energy) and fill them with fresh energy, like recharging your body’s batteries. You will learn healing exercises and meditations for the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, intestines, and the major energy channels and acupuncture points. We will also explore ancient Chinese tonal therapy, how specific notes promote harmony and balance. Dynamic exercises will be complemented by meditations that induce a state of Ru Jing: deep relaxation and tranquility. At the beautiful Gray Bear Lodge in the forested mountains south of Nashville. Organic food, comfortable lodging and magical evenings with fireflies and whipporwills included.

Workshop - Five Animal Qigong: Strength of the Bear, Balance of the Crane

May 17-22, 2020 -  Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York

Created by the second century doctor of Chinese medicine, Hua Tuo, the Five Animal Frolics are among the oldest health and longevity exercises in the world and the standard against which other qigong methods are measured. Learn a complete qigong wellness routine, based on the rooted strength of the Bear, the balance of the Crane, the suppleness of the Monkey, the grace of the Deer, and the power of the Tiger. By practicing these ancient postures and movements, we awaken an ancient part of ourselves and the Paleolithic wisdom of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. We find the spirit of the animals within, and, like them, learn how to connect to the healing power of nature.

Workshop - Qigong Energy Medicine: How to Heal with Life Force

May 22-25, 2020 -  Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York

Learn External Qi Healing (EQH)-- the core of China’s ancient healing science of qigong. In EQH, healing energy is projected from the palms and, without physically touching the client, directed into an area of illness, distress, or pain. First, we will learn a complete personal qigong practice to cleanse the body of imbalanced or unneeded energy and recharge it with vitality. Then we will learn the methods of EQH energy assessment, including how to sense the qi of each individual organ, and specific therapeutic gestures used to treat imbalance. We will also explore External Qi wellness “tune-ups”, the use of voice and intent in healing, maintaining appropriate boundaries, and EQH as an adjunct to other modalities such as acupuncture, massage, and Reiki. Beginners are welcome. No previous experience required.

Workshop - Yi Quan Qigong: Strong as the Mountain, Supple as Water

June 7-12, 2020 -  Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California

Qigong at this renowned ocean side resort: mountains, ocean breezes, hot springs, and gourmet natural food. Enjoy healing exercises (quan) and meditations that open the mind (yi) to the energies of the universe. This comprehensive system teaches you, in exquisite detail, the principles upon which all qigong is based. Learn Standing and Walking Meditation: to improve posture, balance, grace, and vitality. Experimenting with Energy: awaken the body’s energy channels. Resilient Energy Training: to increase strength and prevent injuries. The Health Dance: your own, improvised qigong routine. And Taoist Meditation and Wisdom, including inspiring stories of the old masters. Yi Quan is a highly enjoyable practice that, with patience and dedication, leads to a more fully alive body and mind.

Workshop - Primordial Qigong: The Taoist Way to Health, Longevity & Peace

June 27-28, 2020 -  Alternatives, London, England

Learn the complete 12 movement system of Hunyuan (Primordial) Qigong, the legacy of Ken’s beloved teacher, Madame Gao Fu, in direct lineage from the founder of “medical qigong”. This comprehensive system of gentle movements cleanses the organs and acupuncture meridians of stagnation and recharges the body with fresh and clear energy (qi). Like tuning a piano, you will tune body, breath, and mind so that they are in harmony, not only with each other, but with the life force of the universe. You will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of healing energy and, most importantly, a complete workout for vibrant wellbeing.

Workshop - Animal Frolics Qigong: Vitality of the Deer, Power of the Tiger

June 30-July 2, 2020 -  New Forest (near Christchurch), England

Created by the second century doctor of Chinese medicine, Hua Tuo, the Five Animal Frolics are among the oldest health and longevity exercises in the world and the standard against which other qigong methods are measured. Learn the complete Deer and Tiger, for vitality, grace, and strength. You will also  learn core techniques of the Crane for relaxation, the Bear for grounding, and the Monkey for suppleness. By practicing these ancient postures and movements, we awaken an ancient part of ourselves and the Paleolithic wisdom of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. We find the spirit of the animals within, and, like them, learn how to connect to the healing power of nature. Although practice oriented, there will also be time for discussion of the Taoist Diet: how specific foods and herbs build strong, resilient energy and other aspects of the ancient Chinese philosophy of self-care.

Featured Workshop - 39th Annual Rocky Mountain Training

Dynamic Qigong for Strength & Health: Muscle Tendon Transformation

September 11-13, 2020 -  Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Learn Qigong at one of the last historic "Grand Hotels", overlooking the  Colorado River and five minutes walk from the most famous hot springs pool and vapor caves in the United States. Convenient transportation from Denver International Airport. The workshop will include treasured methods from China’s Shaolin Monastery that dramatically increase strength and resilience and condition the body against injury. You will learn

  • The complete “Transforming the Muscles and Tendons” Qigong (Yi Jin Jing), a series of easy-to-learn postures that combine dynamic tension, slow movements, breathing, and visualization (“crush the iron ball”). The Yi Jin Jing drives qi, life energy, through the tendons, fascia, and muscles to improve sports performance, athletic skill, and help prevent age-related muscle loss.

  • 18 Lohan (Enlightened Monks) Qigong for balance, flexibility, and energy flow

  • Pai Da self-tapping to release stagnation and improve circulation.

  • An introduction to Chinese longevity herbal formulas and external muscle and bruise liniments.

There will also be time discussion, note-taking, and seated meditations that develop a quiet center of peace and tranquility. Beginners are welcome.

PLAN AHEAD: Please register early. Some of these programs fill up many months in advance. See the complete 2020 Calendar (Check back for updates.)   |  720-985-6445   |

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