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Kenneth S. Cohen offers lectures, workshops, classes, and teacher training as well as healing and consultations  in Colorado, California, and throughout the world. Ken is also in high demand as a keynote conference presenter and for pre- or post-conference workshops, lectures, and other events.

All events are open to beginners. The schedule is regularly updated. For workshop tuition information or other details: please contact the sponsor. For individual sessions or to host an event in your area, contact or call (720) 985-6445. For a free e-newsletter & to receive notice of events, please join our mailing list. 

Personal Note: In addition to Qigong, Ken has lifelong training in indigenous (Native American/ First Nations) healing and cultural ways and both teaches and practices these traditions. As an educator and in order to do justice to the diversity, uniqueness and depth of these paths, he maintains a separate website at


Online Individual Sessions

Private sessions in Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation and related Taoist healing and contemplative arts. For information and scheduling, please email or call 720-985-6445. 

**Online Group Programs are not listed below. Please visit the Online Programs page.**

Workshop - Qigong Core Practices: Four Paths to Energy Balance

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Although there are many styles of qigong, they are all based on the Four Paths to Energy Balance: A. Qigong Supine Meditation for Deep Relaxation B. Qigong Sitting Meditation to sense the breath of life C. Qigong Standing Meditation to improve posture and create an inner reservoir of resilient healing energy, and D. Qigong Walking Meditation to move with rooted strength and balance. The course will include a complete routine for personal well-being and discussion of the healing benefits. Great for beginners and all levels.

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Workshop - Qigong for Vibrant Well-Being:

Eight Brocades, Bone Marrow Cleansing & More

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Enjoy learning the most famous energy enhancing exercises and meditations from ancient China. This intensive course will include the Eight Brocades: gentle stretching and coordination exercises; the complete 12 Movements of Bone Marrow Cleansing to drive pure healing energy through the bones and build inner strength; and the Six Healing Sounds: a combination of specific sounds and breathing methods to purge the inner organs of stagnant qi-energy. We will also learn practical tools to reduce stress by fine tuning our posture and alignment and through the practice of Jing Zuo “Tranquil Sitting,” the essence of meditation. Beginners & all levels welcome.

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Workshop - Complete Taoist Healing Sounds Qigong:

Cleanse, Renew & Balance Your Life Energy

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Learn the complete and rarely taught Taoist Healing Sounds. Originating in Mount Hua, the sacred mountain of western China, these 19 techniques coordinate breath, sound, and movement to purge the internal organs of stagnant qi (energy) and fill them with fresh energy, like recharging your body’s batteries. You will learn healing exercises and meditations for the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, intestines, and the major energy channels and acupuncture points. We will also explore ancient Chinese tonal therapy, how specific notes promote harmony and balance. Dynamic exercises will be complemented by meditations that induce a state of Ru Jing: deep relaxation and tranquility.

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PLAN AHEAD: During the Coronavirus Pandemic, many programs are being offered online - see Online Programs. As businesses reopen, please check back for updated schedules.   |  720-985-6445   |

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