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Learn about the health and life-enhancing benefits of Qigong 氣功, Tai Chi 太極拳, Taoism 道家, Meditation 靜 坐, and related arts. The instructor, Ken Cohen (Gao Han 高漢) is  world-renowned health educator, China scholar, and Qigong Grand Master with more than fifty years experience. A former collaborator with Alan Watts, he is the author of the internationally acclaimed book The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing (Random House), best-selling audio and DVD courses, and more than 200 journal articles. Ken is the winner of the Alyce and Elmer Green Lifetime Achievement Award in Energy Medicine. He offers lectures, classes, workshops, and healing consultations at his home office in the Colorado Rockies and as a guest teacher at other national and international locations.

The Way of Qigong

Qigong (ch’i kung, chi gong) is part of China's ancient system of integrative health care (yang sheng 養生)and energy medicine, It consists of exercises and meditations that stimulate the flow of qi, life energy. Kenneth Cohen personally teaches both the theory and practice of Qigong and related arts such as Tai Chi (Taiji Quan) and Chinese tea culture. Qigong has many applications. Designed to restore balance of body, mind, and spirit, it includes exercises for health and vitality as well as“External Qi Healing”, a non-contact energy-field therapy to assess energy, dissolve blockages, and replenish life-force.


Athletes enjoy qigong because it improves strength, stamina, coordination, and other skills necessary for peak performance. As a spiritual art, rooted in Taoism (Daoism), it deepens awareness of self and nature and creates a feeling of harmony, tranquility, and peace. Qigong is a holistic path to well being; hence in modern China is often called yang sheng, “ the art of nurturing life.”

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