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Yi Quan Qigong: The Next Level

7 Tuesdays, Started January 31

  • Started Jan 31
  • $397-$694
  • Online Session

Service Description

意拳順練研習課 7 Week Live-streamed Zoom Training, each 90 minute session downloadable & available to view anytime. Hosted by the Shift Network. YI QUAN: HEALING MOVEMENTS FOR ENERGY BALANCE, ATHLETIC SKILL & SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION. Continue learning this extraordinary system of mind/body training. If you missed the beginning course, you will catch-up with the viewable and downloadable basic course, ready to advance to the next level! Enjoy detailed instruction in • Yi Quan 8 Posture Standing Meditation, to root like a willow tree, filled with resilient supple energy • The 10 Essential Experimenting with Energy Techniques, to attain greater ease, efficiency and joy in movement patterns that underlie Tai Chi, Sports, Qigong and Everyday Life (Imagine moving a heavy piece of furniture effortlessly) • Yi Quan Punching Patterns for fitness and to replenish your energy reservoir; be full of vital breath rather than out of breath at the end of a workout • Secrets to improving speed and coordination at any age, including innovative methods that train the “fast twitch muscle fibers” which mobilize body energy at a moment’s notice • Shi Sheng “Sound Training” that uses specific sounds to create a deep well of internal strength • Yi Quan Meditations to tap into the “universal qi of heaven and earth”; experience unity with the cosmos • Yi Quan Energy and Postural Therapy, how to use Yi Quan techniques to improve a client or friend’s alignment and energy flow, used as a stand-alone healing method or as a perfect adjunct to massage therapy, physical therapy, Reiki, and other methods of body work or energy medicine • How to improvise your own Yi Quan movement patterns for health, fitness, energy, and me The course includes recorded downloads and transcripts, time for Q&A, access to a dedicated group FaceBook page, optional practice sessions, and numerous written and video materials. REGISTER BY COPYING AND PASTING THIS ADDRESS INTO YOUR BROWSER You will be able to purchase both the beginning and upcoming advanced courses (14 class sessions in total). Learn the skills from the first course at your own pace; you need not have mastered them to continue to the new program. If you are a graduate of the previous basic course, you will see a link to a reduced price for the advanced course only.  

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