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The Magic Square: Patterns That Connect

9 AM PST, Noon ET, 5 PM London (England)

  • Starts Feb 5
  • 49 US dollars
  • Online Session

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120 Minute Zoom Class. In ancient times, Emperor Yu danced a mystic diagram—a magic square—to invoke the power of the Big Dipper constellation. As a result, the great flood waters receded and formed the original rivers and landscape of China. That same magic square is used in martial arts training, in interior alchemy (to create the inner elixir of longevity), and as a formula for I Ching divination. Equally important learning the magic square helps you access a way of being and understanding that is at the root of Taoism, a pre-technological worldview shaped by a deep appreciation of the interconnectedness of all phenomena: as above, so below; what is inside is also outside, or in traditional Taoist terms, Tian Ren He Yi “Heaven and Human Harmonized as One.” Class will not be recorded or available for replay.

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