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The following testimonials are a small sampling of unsolicited comments from students, clients, and colleagues. I never met many of these individuals-- they used my book, video, and audio products, and reported the results.

Testimonials are not scientific proof. Proof requires that:

  • a large group of subjects be observed and measured in a controlled environment for a sufficient period of time, and
  • other scientists replicating the protocol of the original researchers get the same results.

Nevertheless, positive anecdotal evidence is so common in qigong, that it is likely that scientists will only corroborate what practitioners already know.

Identifying characteristics have been changed to preserve the confidentiality of our corespondents.

"Thank you for your descriptive article and drawings in a recent issue of the East West Journal. I am a cancer patient. Four months ago my oncologist found 'diffuse multiple lesions' metastasized from the liver. This was confirmed by subsequent scans. At that time I declined chemotherapy and began a regimen of Taoist qigong exercises combined with healing imagery. As I exhaled poisons with a 'Sssuu' sound from my liver, I imagined that my immune cells were white knights lancing the cancer cells and tossing them out of my body. Two months later a new liver-spleen scan was normal! The doctors were somewhat incredulous, to say the least. Thank you, Master Cohen, for saving my glorious liver. I have enclosed a permission slip so that you may review my medical records."
--L.S., physician's assistant, 1982

"The private sessions were very meaningful to me. As you know, I own one of the largest car dealerships in the United States. I have become so much more relaxed at work that I decided to share my enthusiasm with my employees. We start every day with twenty minutes of qigong. They don't mind being paid for exercising! That was six months ago. Better health and attitude evidently have a strong positive effect on sales. I am now planning an early retirement!"
--G.H. businessman, 1983

"I have suffered from chronic pain and fatigue (fibromyalgia) for over ten years. I have seen medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths. I have had injections in my trigger points, as well as acupuncture; I have tried several anti-inflammatory drugs as well as antidepressants. I have been Rolfed and tried Alexander technique, biofeedback, and psychotherapy. None of these modalities has really helped, and some have exacerbated the problem. The only techniques that have helped me are Qigong and Taiji Quan-- techniques that have been taught to me by Kenneth Cohen. The first advantage of these techniques is that they make sense to me: I know what they do, and I can track their effects. The second advantage is that they increase my energy, which enhances my mood, which diminishes the effect of the chronic pain."
--Professor J.R., Chair World Literature Dept., 1987

"My compliments on an excellent combination of exercise, theory, and discussion. Your method of teaching stimulates 'body learning' and allows participants to fully remember what you teach. As I mentioned, my husband had hip replacement surgery a few years ago and has been in nearly constant pain. When I returned home after your workshop, I taught him 'belly breathing' and tried some elementary qigong energy healing. Every time I hold my palms near his hips, the pain melts away, and he can fall asleep."
--K. J., mathematician, 1988

"Sir, In May of 1990 I wrote to you, and in June you responded with a really decent letter. I was glad that you were willing to correspond with a prison inmate. I explained that I had dangerously high blood pressure which doctors had been unable to control and also edema around my heart, lungs, and legs. Although I am only 5'5 I weighed 256 pounds.
You advised me to follow my medical doctor's advice and to practice various methods of breath control and meditation. I followed your directions to the letter. I want you to know that in the past six months I have dropped more than 50 pounds and my blood pressure has improved big time. Although I still have some medical problems, I am 100% better. Man, you saved my life, literally. And I'm not the only one. The other guys in the prison stress unit are all doing your exercises now, and the doctor's are amazed at the results. Most of us are lifers and had no hope. Now all that has changed. Deepest Respect and Peace to you..."

--R.S., inmate, California Prison System, 1990

"I have been an operating room nurse for more than twenty years and recently feeling 'burned out'. Thanks to the beautiful meditations on your Qigong tapes I have recovered my energy and I am most grateful."
--C. T., nurse, 1992

"I have been in poor health for more than 25 years and have required frequent plastic surgeries to correct damage to my face from a car accident. Recently, I decided to practice your Qigong imagery techniques after surgery. My wounds healed in half the time, and I finally feel like I am on the road to recovery. I have read many qigong and self-help books, but none come close to your Practice of Qigong audio course. Thank you so much for your help!"
--K.W., retired Spanish teacher, 1993

"Great news! My medical check-up showed no problem. You may not have realized that I had a kernel sized lump on my chest when I attended your recent seminar. By the second day of the workshop I felt the lump getting smaller. Yet the skeptic inside me said, 'It's probably only your imagination.' Then one of your students, who knew of my problem, offered to do Chinese Therapeutic Touch. When I woke up the next morning, to my shock I couldn't find the lump. Nor can the doctor on an x-ray. I am so very grateful to you and to all the helpers at the workshop."
--N. F., high school teacher, 1994

"I am a seventy-six year old accountant with post-polio syndrome. For the previous seven years I had been unable to walk without a walker, and generally moved about my office in a wheel-chair. I want to thank you so much for your Qigong audio tapes and your book, The Way of Qigong. No other qigong teacher has taken the time or interest to instruct the disabled! Your work was the catalyst to arresting the symptoms. I can now walk slowly on my own and my life has improved tremendously!"
--A.G., accountant, 1997

"I really enjoyed your External Qi Healing workshop at the medical school. I have already started utilizing the techniques in my practice. A football player recovered from a significant calf injury overnight!"
--N.J., sports medicine physician, 1997

"Your qigong workshop was one of the best workshops I've ever attended. All of my questions were thoroughly answered. Your vast knowledge base and shared personal experiences helped me to understand and integrate the information into my practice. There was also plenty of experiential time. I was able to walk away from the weekend and confidently begin a complete practice the next day. As a result of that weekend, I feel that my acupuncture has improved and my quality of life has been enhanced."
--D.M. acupuncturist, 1998

"I want to thank you for the seminar you conducted at the mountain retreat. I have been doing Taiji Quan for nearly ten years but never felt the qi before. Now, after observing your demonstrations and listening to the explanations, I understand what was missing. I had the form, but not the essence. I am amazed that in one weekend you were able to communicate so much."
--M.H., travel agent, 1999

"I thought that you would like to know that your six week qigong course had a very unexpected result. Several years ago I was diagnosed with adult onset diabetes and had been unable to control my blood sugar levels through dietary changes or conventional exercise. Thanks to qigong I am now off of insulin, and my doctor says I'm doing great!"
--B.W., carpenter, 1999

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