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To allow optimal progress toward certification, we recommend that certification students take

  • a course of three or four days of private sessions (1-2 hours per day) once every three or four months. These sessions are offered in a tranquil mountain setting, 1.5 hrs. from Denver International Airport or, in the winter, forty minutes from San Diego, California.

  • at least two intensive workshops per year (These are offered in Colorado and throughout North America).

  • Weekly classes are sometimes offered near Professor Cohen’s residence. Visiting certification students are welcome to join them on a drop-in basis.

Students may stay in the training for as long or short a period as they wish and quit at any time without penalty. It generally takes at least three to four years to earn the Qigong Certificate, though this can vary according to previous background, rate of learning, and frequency of practice. During their last year of training, students are invited to be guest co-teachers at classes or workshops, to assess their ability to teach and communicate their art.

The Curriculum

    Level 1. Healing Qigong. Satisfactory completion of classic qigong systems.

    Level 2. Sports Qigong. Understand the form and applications of at least one qigong-based martial art (Taiji, Bagua, or Xing Yi) as a way of improving performance in any sport. It is usually most convenient for students to find a local instructor approved for the program.

    Level 3. Spiritual Qigong. Complete the advanced qigong meditations.


The Qigong Teacher Certificate documents your high level of training and cultivation, your commitment to personal growth and a healing lifestyle, and demonstration of qigong virtue (Yi De, Wu De), including such traits as integrity, honesty, humility, patience, caring, and compassion. A student who has achieved the Qigong Certificate has mastered the form, function, and spirit of Qigong. It is offered at the discretion of master instructor Kenneth Cohen and generally takes three to four years.


1. Complete and demonstrate competence in the Qigong Curriculum.

2. Log a minimum of 250 hours of practice per year over a minimum of three years (750 hours total minimum).

3. Read approximately approximately 45 required books from the Reading List (available on request) and write either short book summaries or suggested research papers.

4. Provide a critical 10-20 page review of three qigong books not on the Reading List.

5. Document that you have attended at least one semester of college-level instruction in anatomy and physiology (continuing or alternative education classes are generally acceptable).

6. Write one 25-75 page Qigong Thesis with a passing grade. Subject must be ap-proved by instructor. Thesis guidelines will be provided.

To maintain their certified status students agree, on their honor, to abide by the Qigong Practitioners’ Code of Ethics and to continue refining their knowledge and practice by attending yearly classes, workshops, or conferences in Qigong and/or Complementary & Alternative Medicine.

Who may enroll?

We welcome students of all ages, ability or disability levels, ethnic, national, and religious backgrounds. Students who behave unethically or disruptively or who are suspected to have an ongoing problem with alcoholism or substance abuse or for whom qigong practice would be harmful will be refused instruction.


We do not have a residential facility; students are responsible for their own lodging. A list of local accommodations is available on request.

Application & Tuition

Applicants fill out general forms about their health, background, and interests, and may begin training at any time. Please write or call for current fees, schedules, and information.

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